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Let’s Get Involved!

The semester is about to wrap up but that does not mean that it’s too late to get involved in your college and community. Aiming for success is not all about getting good grades and meeting deadlines, another vital part of success is networking and experience. And what more good way to gain experiences, work with teams, and network with different types of people? Joining organizations! You may be the smartest, but there are experiences and learnings that you can only get through joining organizations and getting involved.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get involved in organizations:

  1. Joining organizations develops your skills working as a team. Once you join an organization, you are committing to work in a group setting and achieve a common goal. You will further develop your communication, collaboration, and team-building skills once you get into an organization. You will be learning how to work with different types of people which will also be essential in your future career.

  2. You will gain a bigger network. By joining organizations, you will meet new people and will be able to network with them. A lot of people get their first internship and even their first real job through an organization. It just creates a web of networks once you join an organization. So, it is also important to leave a good impression on your org-mates and on some professionals you may work with. Being part of an organization extends your opportunities and prepares you for a greater future.

  3. Hone your time management skills. One of the most important skills one should have in the real-world setting is time management. Whatever your profession may be, juggling time can be a challenging part. Joining an organization can teach you how to have a work-life balance through studying while still getting involved. Being busy with school while doing your responsibilities in your organization can develop your skills not in multi-tasking but in proper time management. It will teach you how to identify priorities and set proper due dates.

  4. Helps you strengthen leadership skills. Whether you get the opportunity to step up and hold a leadership position in an organization or not, you will learn how to be a leader in some way. Your current leader can be a good example of what a leader should be and you can also get advice from them on how to be one. And if you’re lucky enough to be on the e-board, you are set for an amazing experience of making a difference in your school and community.

  5. Student organizations can be a place to build friendships. Joining an organization is not only a commitment to the organization itself but also a commitment to the people you work with. You will most likely spend a lot of time with your org-mates which can also develop friendships. A lot of people build long-lasting friendships through an organization because they work almost every day and organization is also a great place to find someone who enjoys common passion/hobbies.

If you are now convinced and want to start getting involved or want to expand your involvement, check out AMA-UIC at as we continue to introduce new opportunities throughout the school year.


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