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Agency Updates!

Five94’ Marketing Solutions continues to provide quality products and services for clients this semester. The agency also carries on with its apprenticeship and internship program for AMA UIC members to help them gain experiences and develop skills needed in the business field. Despite being fully remote, five94’ has remained true to its mission and vision to build and serve communities and inspire a working culture of undergraduate students, and to change the way people think and feel by providing extraordinary marketing services. Here are some of the departmental updates about the agency:

The Account Management Department started to focus on email marketing. Currently, they are using Mailchimp to test and track six new subject lines on what our Account Executives came up with. With the new addition of the Co-Account Management Director, we are able to run the email marketing and the Instagram Strategy. As we continue to come up with new strategies for client outreach, we discovered UIC’s Career Fairs to be one of the sources for to connect with potential clients. Lastly, Account Management has met with a new prospective client for the future!

The Research and Strategy Department is currently working on a market analysis to analyze an industry’s competitiveness and create video ad pitch for our client. Interns in the department are also assigned into teams to work on video ad scripts and collaborate with creative interns to create storyboards for their project.

The Social Media Department is supporting lead acquisition efforts by building personal brands across socials through organic and paid media.

Lastly, the Creative Department continues to create advertising posts for the agency’s social media and is formulating new designs for posters and flyers.

As some of the agency’s Executive Board members and interns will walk across the stage and throw their graduation caps in the sky (virtually) this semester, five94’ opened applications for its 2021-2022 Executive Board earlier this month. Simas Zavistauskas is the incoming five94' President for the next academic year. While he has been preparing for the role with guidance and training from the current five94' President, the position for Vice President and Department Directors are still to be decided as interviews are on-going, but Simas will soon send out decisions. This is exciting news as it will bring new members in the agency, which means a new set of amazing work skills and talents to take the agency to the next level!

Five94’ continues to bring the best yet affordable marketing services and remain fostering students to be career ready. We are excited to see what is to come in April!

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