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Facebook Partners With Ray-Ban To Come Out With New Smart Glasses

Currently, in our market, the popular company Facebook has recently teamed up with Ray-Ban to create sunglasses that are able to take photos, videos, answer phone calls and play podcasts. They are calling this new product of eyewear Ray-Ban Stories.

Many consumers have reported that it’s a straightforward and efficient process. All you have to do is tap the side of your Ray-Ban sunglasses until you hear a shutter. This way, you don’t have to take out your phone. Google Glass and Snap’s Spectacles were also smart glasses that came out in the past. However, these never flourished due to their limitations. Facebook is confident that Ray-Ban Stories will be much more successful than these products. Ray-Ban Stories allows consumers to take photos and share their lives digitally, first hand, from the first-person point of view.

Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook Reality Labs, mentioned how consumers hadn’t seen smart glasses in this design before, which is why previous smart glasses weren’t a huge success. He claims Ray-Ban Stories are different and unique in style. This is also why they partnered with Ray-Ban, knowing Ray-Ban focuses more on fashion rather than technology.

The frames currently have two cameras and micro speakers, three microphones, as well as a Snapdragon computer processor chip. They come with a charging case that you can plug into any computer via USB-C cable, and the estimated usage is about 6 hours until you have to charge it again. However, in order to use these glasses, one must have a Facebook account as well as the Facebook View app on their phone.

These glasses are the ultimate steps to a metaverse. They are the future, combining the virtual and real world together.

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