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How Kylie Jenner Uses Controversial Marketing to Her Advantage

Kylie Jenner's newest company, Kylieswim, has recently received backlash online. Consumers are reviewing her bikini lines on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and the feedback is largely negative. This isn't the first time Kylie Jenner's products have sparked controversy. Jenner's first ever lip kits were released in 2018, and they were sold out in minutes. Consumers had expressed their dissatisfaction with her product, but it wasn't until a well-known youtuber, Jeffree Star, tweeted about her dreadful packaging that she received widespread attention. Jeffree Star and all of Kylie Jenner's clients who raised worry over her products received a public apology from Kylie Jenner shortly after. Now, how can Kylie Jenner gain from negative publicity? When she quickly resolves difficulties that her clients have with her products, she forms a relationship with her customers and creates loyal customers. Kylie has done this process with her other brand, Kylie Skincare.

It was launched in September with Kylieswim, bringing the summer to a close. Typically, most brands launch their swimwear collection in the spring or summer. Her planned release date appears to be on purpose, as it will give her till the following summer to apologize for any concerns as she did for her previous collections which will get free press and relaunch just in time for next spring and summer time and sell out.

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