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The End Of An Era - Fall Semester Recap

This semester has no doubt been one of, if not the strangest educational experiences of our lifetime. Despite the unforeseen circumstances that were awaiting us, life moved on and we adapted to our new learning environment. With that being said, this article will be a commemoration of what our team at five94’ has accomplished this school semester.

Throughout the duration of the semester, our team worked tirelessly to deliver final products, presentations and ideas to each other and clients. Due to our Account Management Directors, we were able to find all of these clients through their diligent efforts! We worked with &Rise, a non-profit organization that emphasizes women empowerment which is run by the founder, Jennifer. Our Creative Team delivered merch and sticker design. Next, the Research and Strategy team completed a consumer behavior analysis report for &Rise, and their secondary agency &Flourish. Finally, our Social Media Team edited the captured photos from a recent photoshoot.

Another client of ours was KiMoments, an event planning business, which is run by Kiara. For this client, our Social Media Team had also edited a wide variety of photos from a photoshoot. Over the Winter, our team is anticipating to continue working with &Rise, and two other clients, BeautybyMeek and ReveNewCycle!

In terms of agency events, we had a total of 5 events! 2 of which were specifically for recapping our progress thus far, another 2 were social events, and 1 event was a guest speaker! We had a: Town Hall meeting, recap event, virtual charades, virtual cooking show and Maxwell from Digitas spoke about his time as a Media Planner.

This concludes our final agency article for the Spring 2020 semester. I, Simas Zavistauskas, the Co-Vice President, thoroughly enjoyed participating in the creation of each of our articles throughout this semester. I hope they brought value to you, and that perhaps something new was learned!

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