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simas zavistauskas


Simas is a Junior at UIC, and will be majoring in Finance.

He has been part of AMA-UIC since his first semester at UIC in 2019. He later joined five94' in his second semester as a freshman as Director of Social Media, also in 2019.

As President, Simas is responsible for managing internal and external operations for the agency, alongside assisting directors from other departments with various tasks and assisting in planning and conducting meetings with agency members as well as potential or current clients.

Simas enjoys the opportunities five94' and AMA organization presents, such as exciting site visits, networking events, and speaker panels. In regards to five94', Simas enjoys the discovery of possible career choices, building thoughtful relationships with clients, and being amidst a group of talented and determined UIC students,

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Simas looks forward to the advancement in size for both AMA and five94' as both organizations provide an immense amount of opportunity to better oneself in terms of leadership, career search, and experience working within a team.