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Shelly Constantino


Shelly is a Senior studying Marketing, with a concentration in Innovation and Design Thinking. She joined Five94' during her sophomore year as a Creative intern and moved her way up to Director of Creative. Now, she is co-leading the agency before she graduates in May 2023.

As a Co-President, Shelly is responsible for overseeing internal and external operations for the agency, this includes assisting directors from other departments with various tasks, planning and conducting meetings with agency members as well as leading potential or current clients. Her key task is to make important agency decisions, set the agency to success through strategic goals, and ensure professionalism across the board. 

Outside the organization, Shelly is currently working as a Graphic Designer for a company that works with international businesses penetrating the US market and is a Product Design Intern at IGT. She enjoys cooking, playing video games, exploring the city, and goinging to adventures with her golden retriever. 

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