• Simas Zavistauskas

Takeaways from Five94’s Creative Director

Amidst these uncertain times, Five94’ wants to make one thing certain: we will continue to serve valuable information for our readers! In the isolation of our homes, with plenty of time to kill, Five94’ has your back! In this week’s featured article, we take a look at another incredibly valuable role in our organization, the Director of Creative lead by a Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Isela Paniagua. Isela recounts her experiences in her role throughout this semester and describes the knowledge and experience she had gained from it.

The following is a written document by Isela describing her time in Five94’:

“Being the Director of Creative for Five94’ Marketing Solutions has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much from being a designer to being a leader. Designing the creative content for the agency has helped me better understand how important it is to adapt my designer skills to create the best content that represents our agency the best. Being a Director has boosted my confidence with myself and helped me find the skills that I am the best at. It has allowed me to learn more about the different sides of Marketing. I have always had an interest in the creative side and this opportunity has given me the chance to explore that. This whole experience has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I am very grateful for this experience and have enjoyed leading my own team of designers.

Leading a team of nine has allowed me to grow my leadership skills and learn how to make proper decisions. Not everything will always go as planned, deadlines will change and mistakes can happen. As the leader of my team, my responsibilities require me to be organized, responsible, and well communicated for my team. As a leader, you have to make sure that your team is following through with their work and that they are feeling alright. I have enjoyed working with my team on projects together. My favorite part has been being able to see everyone’s creativity shine in the creative space. I have enjoyed hosting workshops for Canva, Desyner, and Gravit to all the designers on my team.

My advice to anyone looking for a leadership position is to be confident in the skills that you have. You do not have to be perfect in everything, knowing what you are capable of doing and what you can bring as a leader will get you there. It is all a learning process and even though it is stressful it is also a worthy and gratifying experience.”

From everyone at Five94’, we wish you a safe and isolated stay-cation at home. We will make it through these unprecedented times together! Stay on the lookout for next week’s article!

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