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Semester Recap

Another semester is about to end and this semester was not the easiest. However, the pandemic did not stop five94’ members from continuing to grow, learn, and serve quality services for clients. With that being said, here’s a short rundown of our main events and updates this semester.

Throughout the semester, the agency worked hard to adapt to the pandemic changes and still keep the projects and events coming. Our Account Management Department was able to plan and perform email marketing and develop an Instagram strategy to reach potential clients. Additionally, through UIC’s Career fairs this semester, they tried to connect with prospective clients. The Research and Strategy Department completed analyses for a client and worked on brainstorming ad pitches, in which the Creative Department has been designing those pitches into a storyboard!

Aside from the projects each department has been completing, let’s take a quick throwback to the beginning of the semester when the agency hosted a Jeopardy night to welcome new and current agency members. This was definitely a fun night that members had to connect with others and enjoy the night before school began to pick up..

During the middle of the semester, the agency had an opportunity to have Christy Moss for their speaker series. Christy Moss serves as the Vice President of Membership and Marketing at the University of Illinois Alumni Association. She was able to speak about Marketing from a nonprofit perspective, but in regards to the creative and analytical sides which made her event more interesting to learn from.

The agency also hosted its semesterly Town Hall meeting where each department had the chance to showcase the work thus far and meet with other agency members. As this type of event continues on into the future, it is not only an amazing way to see what each department has been working on, but also a great way to get together with the other members of the agency especially while being in a virtual and remote setting.

Lastly, to wrap the semester up, the agency hosted a Kahoot social to have another fun experience to connect with each other. This was another chance for everyone to socialize and relax before school becomes more hectic with finals soon approaching..

Despite us being virtual and balancing school and other commitments with the agency, it has been a challenging, but memorable semester as we look ahead into the future! This will be a stepping stone for all of us. It has been a great semester, and five94’ Marketing Solutions will continue to give opportunities for students to grow while supporting business in the future.

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