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Marketing Monday: Turn Clicks Into Customers!

Looking for a useful way to turn an interested audience into potential customers? With LeadPages, you’re able to do just that. If you’ve ever clicked the “learn more” button on a Facebook advert and had to fill out a short form to receive your offer, you were using a landing page that logged your info, and in turn the marketer (or organization) then used that information to send out emails or even texts of upcoming or current promotions.

LeadPages is an effective tool that allows marketers to create creative landing pages that entice the prospect to confirm a specific action. This can be anything from purchasing an informative guide, reserving a seat for a webinar or signing up for a giveaway. LeadPage has various templates available for those who are unsure where to start.

Upon the selection of a pre-made template, users are able to tweak certain aspects of their landing page to fit their goals. Not to mention that each template is made to look of professional-grade quality. LeadPages also has useful data collection tools, such as columns where customers can put in their first name, last name, email or phone number. From there, you have full creativity and control to design your masterful landing page.

LeadPages also provides plenty of valuable other tools available, such as conversion tools that provide pop-ups, alert bars, opt-in Texts, and Trigger Links. There are also plenty of integrations that can be incorporated in conjunction with LeadPages, such as Gmail, Mailchimp and even Calendly, which was discussed in our last Marketing Monday article! The use of LeadPages is one tool that greatly assists with the creation of effective landing pages and the collection of customer contact information.

Interested in LeadPages? Click below to find out more!

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Note: All mentioned links and websites are not affiliated with five94’ Marketing Solutions. All programs and ideas mentioned above are only suggestions and we strongly encourage you to research these before utilizing/engaging with them.

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