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Marketing Monday: Calendly

Ahh, the beauty of online digital marketing. So many different tools at your disposal that have the potential to skyrocket your reach, quality of services, and overall effectiveness. There are many, many different integrations possible, especially with the popular platform called Zapier, where virtually any application or platform can integrate and be used in conjunction with one another. Take for example, the topic of today’s article. Calendly is an online scheduling platform that gives users the ability to schedule appointments with those in charge of a business. If you wanted to schedule a consultation call for Friday, the 30th of October at 3 PM with me, Simas Zavistauskas, you’d be able to do so by utilizing Calendly!

As prefaced earlier, Zapier has the ability to combine two tools to work with one another. This is an incredible aspect, as you’re able to run Calendly on platforms such as LeadPages, Shopify, Webflow, Gmail and Slack to only name a few. Utilizing Calendly with the assistance of Zapier allows multiple points of contact for interacting with customers, and seeing potential interest in a product or service based on the number of individuals that sign up for a call slot.

If you’d like to learn more about Zapier and Calendly, click the links below!

Note: All mentioned links and websites are not affiliated with five94’ Marketing Solutions. All programs and ideas mentioned above are only suggestions and we strongly encourage you to research these before utilizing/engaging with them.

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