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How To Have a Productive Summer

With the summer just barely escaping our grasp, it’s time to think ahead on how to stay productive when your schooling will cease to exist in a matter of a couple of weeks! Many may rely on school as a structure to their and a source of encouragement to get work or assignments done, but when that is taken away it may be difficult to be as in focus as you once were during the school year. That’s why we prepared a few tips to encourage your productivity, ranging from job investigations to completing online courses.

Our first tip is to use this extra time in the summer to reach out to your professionals in your field of interest! With plenty of video platforms to choose from, it starts with simply messaging a potential individual on a website such as LinkedIn and politely asking them for their time in hopes to gain more knowledge about their field. Something along the lines of “Good Evening, I’d like to introduce myself as (your name). I was hoping, if your schedule allows, we can meet for a quick meeting on (video platform) to discuss your work in (their job title)?” Doing some background search on the person you’re reaching out too is essential, pick something they created or worked on and ask them about it, then move into their general field as the conversation continues.

Using online resources to grow as an individual has never been as apparent as now. Websites such as LinkedIn Learning, which is free for UIC students, Skillshare, a video tutorial platform that has pre-recorded topics in almost every genre has two months available for free, and Grow With Google On Air (click the first link and go to “training) gives you access to free webinars and virtual courses dedicated to enhancing your particular skill.

Finally, read! Don’t let the opportunity go to waste with all of that time on your hands and order a book or two that interest YOU. I can vouch for The 1 Page Marketing Plan and The 4-Hour Workweek, by Allan Dib and Tim Ferriss respectively. Both books pertain to personal interest regarding marketing tactics and retiring early, so if you’re feeling a bit lost as to what to read, those two mentioned above are phenomenal reads.

With that said, this wraps up our final agency article for this semester. I really enjoyed writing these and I hope at least one of the articles written you have found helpful or relatable! If you did, that is a mission accomplished. Have a great summer, and if you ever want a refresh on what was written this semester, simply go to our website and click the “Articles” tab, you’ll find all of them organized by departments.

Have a wonderful Summer!


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