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How to Become a Professional Through LinkedIn Learning

We all know LinkedIn to be a social media platform for professionals. It’s media used by employers who are seeking potential employees. LinkedIn brings your resume into life by allowing you to customize your profile to be attractive to hiring companies. Not only does it offer courses that can help you build up not only your LinkedIn profile and resume, but also your skills?

LinkedIn Learning offers over 16,000 courses which are divided into three categories which are: business, technology, and creative. Each category has subcategories. For instance in business, there are courses about improving your soft skills, leadership, professional development, etc. In technology, there are available subcategories such as coding and programming, introduction to applications, etc. Creative also includes courses such as web design, graphic design, and more.

Besides introductory courses, LinkedIn Learning also provides courses to help you prepare for professional certification exams. This includes Society of Human Resource Management certifications and senior certified professional certifications. LinkedIn Learning also allows you to learn different Adobe applications to help you earn credit towards marketing, programming, and other certifications.

According to LinkedIn, this platform can not only improve an individual but can also help government officials, colleges, and business employee engagement. The supplemental courses LinkedIn Learning offers can reach far beyond just improving your skills, and help you through getting your first job to upgrading your position.

If you want to be part of the over 27 million users, visit

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