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How Digital Marketing Surpassed Traditional Marketing

For the first time in history, digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing in 2019. We can assume that the epidemic is the cause for this outcome. With social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok, digital marketing has been more effective over time. Social media has been used to market new products ranging from clothing to food over the years. How do the biggest brands promote their products these days? By sponsoring influencers to promote their products on their platforms. Your favorite influencers and public figures are on social media to help brands promote their products.

Consider the influencer Emma Chamberlain, who has utilized her platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tikok to promote brands such as Crocs, Levi's, and Google in exchange for monetary sponsorship. Chamberlain has around 70 million followers across all platforms, making her powerful enough to advertise a product with a simple post. Other public figures such as Charli Demalio and Addision Rae are not posting products for free, the bigger the platform an influencer has, the more costly a sponsorship will be.

When marketing a product, the most crucial step is to see where the consumers are. Today, social media has created many opportunities that have made it easier for brands to reach their target. Consumers are no longer reading publications or gazing at billboards, which has resulted in a substantial surge in digital marketing in 2019. Next time you need to market your products, consider reaching out to an influencer with a platform to get attention on your brand.

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