Masha Chaadayeva

Director of Research and Strategy

Masha is a Senior majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Promotions along with a minor in Finance and International Business. 

Masha has been part of AMA-UIC since Fall 2020. She has also been part of five94’ Marketing Solutions since the Spring of 2020 as an Intern for the Research and Strategy Department.


As Director of Research and Strategy Masha is responsible for developing strategies and using various data analysis to address the clients problems and create solutions

Masha looks forward to collaborating with new clients and connecting with professionals in the field to expand our network

Aside from AMA-UIC and five94’ Masha is a rhythmic gymnastics coach and Judge. She is also on the search for a fall internship in hopes of finding a job that is well suited for her and her future endeavours.


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