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Founder of five94' Marketing Solutions

Luna is a Senior Information and Decision Sciences major with concentrations in Management Information Systems and in Business Analytics. She has been part of AMA-UIC since Spring 2018, her first year at UIC as a transfer student and has founded AMA-UIC’s in-house agency, Five94’ Marketing Solutions in Spring 2019 while holding the role of Director of Digital Marketing for AMA-UIC.

She has been part of AMA-UIC since spring 2018, Agency since spring 2019

As Founder and former President of five94’Marketing Solutions, she built the agency with the goal of providing AMA-UIC members with real life marketing experience through working on real business projects with clients. She created the structure of the agency after being inspired from her internship at Leo Burnett during her sophomore year where she integrated 4 different departments in the agency to allow members to receive a well rounded marketing/agency experience. She also built the first E-board of the agency and secured first 4 clients (UIC Student organizations). Currently, she is the President of AMA-UIC and she supports the agency by working directly with the current president of five94’Marketing Solutions to provide guidance and advice as well as secure new clients (real businesses) for the agency.

AMA-UIC has helped Luna grow not just as a professional but as an individual as well. she has moved to the United states in April 2017 where she was new to the country and UIC. AMA UIC Introduced her to a lot of hardworking and passionate people that supported her growth and helped her gain new skills and enhance her current ones.

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