Kelli Wong

President of five94' Marketing Solutions

Kelli is a Senior, Marketing major who is minoring in Economics with a concentration in Marketing Research.

She has been part of AMA-UIC for approximately 4 years (since her Freshman Year) and part of the agency for over 1 year (since Spring 2019).

As President of five94' Marketing Solutions, she leads the directors and interns within the agency, while encouraging them to acquire new insights, through services provided for the agency's clients. Also, she supports the internal management of the agency, by hosting Executive Board meetings and events, and supporting the mission and goals of the agency.

AMA-UIC has allowed Kelli to enhance her professional development, through networking events and other programs, along providing her with diverse insight into the Marketing field. As President of five94' she has enjoyed supporting the mission and vision of the agency in providing agency interns with the opportunities to showcase their skills through services for the agency's clients. Moreover, she is grateful for having the ability to develop her leadership skills and providing guidance and assistance for others within her agency role.

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Kelli looks forward to enhancing her professional development and building connections with other AMA-UIC members. Also, she hopes to continue expanding the agency, in order to support its mission, vision, and values.