Karla ramirez

Director of Account Management

Karla is a Sophmore, Marketing Major with a minor in Finance and a concentration in Promotions and Communications.

She has been part of AMA-UIC since Spring 2020, and has also been a part of five94' Marketing Solutions since Spring 2020 as an Account Executive.

As Director of Account Management, Karla is responsible for meeting with clients to understand their needs and expectations to later on relay the information back to Strategy, Creative, and/or Research teams as necessary.

Karla likes that AMA-UIC and five94' gives her opportunities to grow professionally and personally while expanding her network. Enjoying the positive environment that both AMA-UIC and five94' have created, Karla is excited to be part of a team that is treated like family.

Karla looks forward to increasing the number of members in AMA-UIC and the agency along with expanding the program, even more than it already has.

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