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Director of Social Media 

Gizelle is a Freshman majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Promotions and minoring in Leadership. She recently joined in 2022, becoming a new member of AMA-UIC and Five94’.

As the Director of Social Media, Gizelle is responsible for generating creative approaches to enhance marketing tactics online with the help of Research and Solutions. This includes community management, content ideation, analyzing social media insights, and hopping on trends to successfully run agency and client media accounts. She also leads a team of interns, assigning them internal and external projects for clients to strengthen necessary marketing skills to grow personally and professionally.

Outside of five94’, Gizelle is a part of the Business Scholars program, works at a restaurant, and is a Student Marketing Assistant for UIC’s Creative and Digital Services! She looks forward to growing with five94’ as she progresses through her academic career. In her free time, she enjoys cooking new foods and collecting stuffed animals.

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