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Director of Account Management and Research

Gabrielle is a junior majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Promotion. She is a new member of AMA-UIC and Five94' and joined this year, 2022.


As Director of Account Management, Gabrielle acts as the bridge between external and internal parties to support agency communication and efficiency flow. She assists in the regulation of client wants and needs to connect to the agency in order to complete projects and initiatives.


As Director of Research, she gathers and curates informational reports to support the services that the Solutions department implements for clients, in addition to market research and analyses in order to execute marketing decisions.


In each department, she leads a team of interns strengthen their marketing skills respective to their department area, and provide internal and external projects to allow interns to grow personally and professionally within the world of Five94'.


Gabrielle looks forward to stepping up to become President for the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 school year! In her free time, Gabrielle works part-time with Corporate and Foundation Relations to support UIC's Advancement Team. She will also join Publicis Media as Corporate Communications intern in the summer. Additionally, she loves finding new plants to take home and care for! (#PlantMomLife)

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