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Elizabeth Lopez


Elizabeth is a Senior studying Marketing with a minor in Biological Sciences. She joined five94’ in the Spring 21’ semester as a Research & Strategy Intern and has since moved up from Director of Account Management to Co-President.


As a Co-President, Elizabeth is responsible for overseeing internal and external operations for the agency, this includes assisting directors from other departments with various tasks, planning and conducting meetings with agency members as well as leading potential or current clients. Her key task is to make important agency decisions, set the agency to success through strategic goals, and ensure professionalism across the board


Most recently, Elizabeth completed a Marketing internship at Ecolab over the summer and will begin her career there after graduation. Besides five94’, Elizabeth is a part of the Business Scholar program, is the Director of Public Relations for Delta Epsilon Mu, works as a Student Marketing Manager for the Creative & Digital Services at UIC, and does freelance work. She is also a dog mom and loves to learn new languages. 

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