craig ng

Vice President of five94' Marketing Solutions

Craig is a Junior studying Information and Data Sciences, with a minor in Computer Science. Craig holds certifications in IBM Python for Data Science and Tableau Desktop Specialist. 


Craig joined AMA-UIC in his first semester in 2019 at UIC as a Marketing Major. He later joined five94' Marketing Solutions as the Director of Strategy in his 2nd year, even after switching to an IDS major.

As a Vice President, Craig is responsible for making important agency decisions or commitments, assisting in setting and following through on any agency strategic goals, and ensuring professionalism across the agency directors and interns for the benefit of all clients. 

Craig looks forward to delivering accessible opportunities to incoming UIC students to gain experience working with real clients in the Chicago area. As well as delivering affordable quality services to small business in the Chicago for improvement.

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Craig is also a concurrent member of AMA UIC, as well as currently works as part-time consultant on projects with his previous internship employer Trace-3 Technologies. He enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music, as well as playing basketball in his free time.