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craig ng

Director of Solutions

Craig is a Senior studying Information and Data Sciences, with proficiency in Python, Java, R, and VBA. Craig joined AMA-UIC in his first semester in 2019 at UIC as a Marketing Major. He later joined five94' Marketing Solutions as the Director of Strategy in his 2nd year, even after switching to an IDS major. He then became the Vice President in his Junior year before proposing the Solutions Team as a part of Five94’s R&S Department which he now heads.


As the Head of Solutions Architecture, Craig is responsible for upholding the RADAR process framework by bringing aboard Solutions Architect and mentoring them to provide “Solutions” for clients. These can be cemented into 3 main areas, Website Design, Data Analysis, and Optimization.


Craig most recently finished an internship at Amazon as a Business Analytics Intern, where he will also work after graduating in the Fall. He enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music, as well as playing basketball in his free time

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